2019: Osun will determine PDP’s fortune – Rasheed

By Joseph Akanbi

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Olawale Rasheed has expressed concerns over lingering crisis rocking Osun state chapter of the party, appealing to party leaders to shelve their differences for peace, stability and emancipation of Osun people.

Olawale, who is a governorship aspirant under the party’s platform, advocates genuine reconciliation among warring leaders, adding that unity remains the most potent tool for PDP to reclaim the governorship this year.

While observing that the indifferences among party leaders have distracted the party too long, Mr. Olawale hinted that Osun people ceaselessly wait on the party to rescue it from the recklessness and misgovernance of the All Progressives Congress (APC), warning that “our people won’t forgive us if fail to unite.

“While we work to complete the leadership congresses, only genuine reconciliation can guarantee electoral victory.We all need each other. We must learn from our recent history.

“At local and national levels, the expectation is very high. Whatever happens in Osun election will be a pointer for 2019. The fate of Nigeria and Nigerians is tied to how Osun PDP performs in this forthcoming election. If we fail in Osun, history may not be fair to all actors.

“In a power struggle, the worst fate is mutual destruction. Even if elite wants to self-destruct, can’t  they have mercy on the poor masses? We cannot afford it because it is not about us alone.

“While the goal of politics is power acquisition, there is a need for elite consensus within the party seeking power. Why must the house be destroyed when in reality all interest can be accommodated

Mr. Olawale said rather than personal goals, the utmost goal which every member of the party in the state should pursue is the victory of the party in the forthcoming governorship election, which he maintained can be achieved when united.

“Our party (PDP) victory in the upcoming governorship election should be the priority of every members. When that is achieved, every individual goal can easily be fulfilled,” he added.


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