Phoebestar Royalty Schools to hold 3rd Prize Giving Day

By Editor

Phobestar Royalty Schools, an International school known for its academic excellence and operating in Osogbo, Osun State will on Friday, 21st July, hold her 3rd End of  Session/Speech/Prize Giving Day.

In a statement personally signed by the school proprietress, Mrs Oluwatoyin Segun Fanu, MEd, mnim, she echoed the importance of the programme as part of the Phoebestar  tradition. Mrs Fanu enjoins all parent to attend and also for prospective parents to come and have a feel of the royalty at Phoebestar.

Phoebestar Royalty Schools is located in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria; a peaceful and serene environment, in the south western region of the country. The choice of  Osogbo to situate the school is informed by the serenity of the area which makes it conducive to effective teaching and learning. State-of-the-art aids like the smart  boards, multimedia systems and playground facilities are largely available in the School. In addition, the School has a Clinic and a large computer room.

The school established to provide qualitative education in a world class environment driven by contemporary technology for global competitiveness, has over the years of  its existence received commendation and notable awards.

Moreso, the expectation is high from the school’s parents. In a text message sent to us by the School’s P.T.A Chairman, Mr Gbenga Lawal, he said “It’s that time of the year where parents gather in high spirits to celebrate the academic excellence of their children, it is a time for us to sit down and appreciate God for his divine protection over our children and also to merry together. The school is great, the teachers are excellent and we as parents couldn’t be more proud”.

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