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Why Redeemer’s University?

Redeemer's University

Let me start by letting you know what awaits you at the end of your study in RUN. The Redeemer’s University is the place where your hidden talents will be discovered, and  your  known  talents  fine-tuned, so that you will become an embodiment of the gifted, brilliant, endowed  and  capable  person, who will go out to positively impact the entire world.

On completion of your study at RUN, you run the risk of becoming a successful and talented citizen of the world, a catalyst for the global socioeconomic transformation and a sought after and respected individual. By the time you become a RUN graduate, in addition to the high academic attainment, you will become a rock in which precious and prized gems are embedded. These gems are the qualities of decency, honesty, humility, integrity, probity, a tender caring nature, uprightness, virtue and just plain goodness.

As you go through the pages of our prospectus, you will see that we provide the basic and traditional education in our range of subjects in the Colleges of Humanities, Management and Natural Sciences, our first three Colleges. We will use these foundation Colleges to prepare for the establishment of the following Colleges – Engineering, Law and Education  scheduled to be established during the second phase of the development  of  RUN.  The  final  and  third  phase  will  see  the establishment of the Colleges of Health Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. We are proud of the quality and depth of the courses we offer, which are nationally accredited. There is no doubt that the experience at RUN will assist you in achieving your goals.  At RUN, the Alumni Office follows your progress throughout life, because we believe that our family relation should and must last forever.

The  highly  industrialized  Lagos  State,  with  its commercial and business activities as the nation’s commercial capital, offers unique opportunities for on-the-job training of students in the various departments of the University.

Undergraduate programmes by subject

 Actuarial Science
 Banking and Finance
 Business Administration
 Communication and Media Studies
 Computer Science
 English & Professional Communication
 History & International Studies
 Industrial Chemistry
 Industrial Mathematics
 Mass Communication
 Performing Arts (Theatre Arts/Film Studies)
 Physics with Electronics
 Political Science
 Social Work
 Tourism Studies
 Transport Management

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